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In the digital age, finding a dentist in Seal Beach can be as easy as searching directly from your phone. However, finding a dental practice with an outstanding reputation for providing skilled and experienced care requires a bit more research.  At the office of Oaxaca, Ong & Jensen DDS, our dentists are distinguished by their commitment to excellence, compassion, and patient-oriented care. Having established an excellent reputation throughout the Seal Beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos areas for the past 20 years, you can count on our professional team when you need of an emergency 90740 dentist. Fully equipped with leading-edge diagnostic technology, our office provides a comprehensive range of advanced dental services designed to meet all your dental needs as well as address a wide spectrum of dental emergencies. From the treatment of toothaches and dental injuries, to the repair of damaged dentures, you’ll be in excellent hands at our office.

If you’re experiencing oral pain of any measure, our caring staff will schedule you in as promptly as possible. Utilizing the most sophisticated technology and techniques, our 90740 dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the precise underlying cause of your oral pain. If a dental injury has brought you to our office, our dentist will want to make sure that the innermost vital tissue of the tooth hasn’t been irreversibly damaged or if an infection is present. If these vital tissues have been compromised and if the tooth can be restored, a root canal therapy may be recommended. Root canal therapy is an extremely routine procedure, responsible for saving millions of teeth across the nation each and every year. Following the treatment of your toothache, the affected tooth will typically require a restorative filling or dental crown to reestablish the structural integrity of the tooth.

If you’re experiencing oral pain, bring a 90740 dentist from the office of Oaxaca, Ong & Jensen DDS to the top of your list. With an established reputation for providing gentle care and exceptional quality results, you can depend on us for your comprehensive general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry needs. To schedule your next visit, call now.

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